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厚 度: 2.5mm
面 积:6000m2
Name of Engineering:shanxi century ginwa plaza
Painted color:Silver, White; Spray powder
Goods supply for construction: supply solid aluminum
panel and construction
the engineering employer:century ginwa co.,ltd

















As an ultra-luxurious shopping mall, it is the shopping paradise for people of Shaanxi. In the opening ceremony, the leadership of Shaanxi Province commented on our company after the ribbon-cutting: for the Shaanxi shopping paradise, Oubuys has made its toil as well as contribution. The product is colorful in the surface, even showing the metallic texture when shone in the direct rays of light or contrasted against hidden lights. In order to add variability, a wide range of shape changes are taken to enrich the spatial design of the wall surface and the ceiling under the premise of practicability. In the creative design out of ordinary, there is a spectacular sense of space. This elegant design with various changes demonstrates the professional standards of the Oubuys ceiling to the fullest. Recognition by customers is the greatest support to our company and we will make persistent efforts to create more and better products to contribute to the society.








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